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    Video Extenders

    A video extender increases the signal strength from a computer port to a monitor, above the reach of a standard cable. If there is a long distance between the monitor and the computer or if multiple monitors are used simultaneously, a video extender can boost picture and audio quality.

    What are video extenders used for?

    Video extenders are useful in the office, home or education environments, where standard cabling lengths are often too short, and picture and audio quality are compromised from signal degradation if very long cables are used. The same issues are evident in a wireless environment, where signal output decreases the further away from the router or picture source you go, making video extenders a useful choice for wireless applications as well.

    Types of video extenders

    The main types of video extenders include:

    • VGA (video graphics array) extenders – useful for increasing signal strength in signage board applications and remote display units.
    • HDMI (high-definition multimedia interface) extenders – add distance and scalability to very high definition multimedia interface connections.
    • DVI (digital visual interface) extenders – suitable for single video extensions.
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