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    Storage Boxes

    Storage boxes are a type of container used for storing, organising or transporting items. Also known as storage baskets, storage containers or storage crates, they make sure that your home, office, or workstation is neat.

    Boxes are measured in volume, with their sizes expressed in litres. Calculating the volume factors in three different measurements, storage boxes with the same storage capacity might have different dimensions. It's important to always check the dimensions in addition to the volume when picking a storage box.

    RS carries a great selection of storage boxes, ranging from large storage tubs that can hold big items like rope, power tools, and equipment, to small containers that are perfect for storing components or small tools. Use the side navigation to sort our range by size, container type, colour, and more!

    Different Types of Plastic Containers

    Plastic containers for storage come in many different styles and designs. Some of the different types of plastic containers we carry include:

    Euro Containers - Lidless plastic containers that are also known as a KLT boxes. Euro containers are stackable storage containers popular in automotive manufacturing and distribution applications.

    Foldable Crates - An ideal solution for transporting items and foldable crates. When they need to be used, simply unfold and lock the sides into place. These collapsible storage boxes can be easily stored without taking up much space, ideal for use in outdoor and indoor.

    Stackable Storage Boxes

    This classification of storage box is designed to be used in conjunction with other similar storage boxes, as they are designed to be able to be stacked on top of one another neatly


    Storage Boxes - Built with heavy-duty plastic, they are great for protecting their contents from harsh environments such as heat or water. Heavy-duty storage boxes are great for factories, job sites, or storing items in large cargo vessels.

    Tote Boxes - Stackable boxes with attached hinged lids. Ideal for transporting items because they provide easy access to their contents.

    Storage Trays - Small and stackable plastic baskets without a lid. Organises and separates small items like components, accessories, fasteners, and more. Often, these are clear storage boxes so users can see the contents clearly.

    Box Lids - Lids seal and close boxes to protect the contents from spilling or being exposed to environmental elements. Some storage boxes are sold without lids, which is why we carry lids as separate items.

    What Sizes of Plastic Storage Boxes are Available?

    At RS, we supply storage containers across all sizes, with plenty of dimension and colour options for each size: from small storage boxes to store smaller parts such as wires and cables, to giant ones for storing larger industrial equipment.

    If you are unfamiliar with the size you might need for a job, consider the following sizing chart.

    Small - up to 15 liters, ideal for holding many small items.

    Choose RS for All Your Storage Needs

    RS carries a range of quality equipment and is your go-to distributor of electronics, automation and control components, tools and consumables. Along with storage boxes, we also offer a range of other storage and shelving solutions, from drawer storage to shelving systems. We also carry storage cabinets that are built with wheels to make it easy for you to move around and rearrange your equipment.

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