Industrial IoT & Industry 4.0

The terms Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) have different origins but they are both based on the same product technologies and applications.
RS offers many devices which allow an easy machine to machine (M2M) and internet communication. Nevertheless, we have introduced a series of smart add-on hardware specifically developed to simplify the connection of the existing legacy systems to the Internet of Things.

Latest products for Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 applications

We are constantly expanding our Industrial IoT products offer with the latest cutting-edge solutions from the leading industrial brands and the most innovative Start-ups

Siemens SIMATIC IOT2020 - the Arduino compatible gateway for the engineers of tomorrow

The new SIMATIC IOT2020 intelligent gateway from Siemens has been developed to help students and young developers in the transition from their desktop-built IoT projects to an entry-level industrial application.

The device is compatible with Arduino sketches, so existing codes can be transferred easily which allow to securely use them in industrial or residential environments. The gateway can be expanded via Arduino shields or via the on-board mPCIe port. It is compatible with various programming languages, including high-level languages such as Java, C++ and Python.

IOT2020 comes in a IP20 protected DIN-rail housing and has the most relevant industrial certificates and approvals like CE, UL, CSA, RCM, EAC, KC, FCC. The board is built with industrial grade components that allows IOT2020 to operate 24/7 even in harsh environments. Due to multiple communication ports it can be easily connected to other industrial devices like PSUs, PLCs or drives.

All the above makes IOT2020 the perfect device for educational use. Suitable for universities who require a product where their students can practise, but also allow them to upgrade their “desktop-built” ideas by moving them into an industrial control panel.

Watch here how Peter Oakes, the video blogger from the popular YouTube channel has used IOT2020 in a demo application. The video shows impressively the capabilities of IOT2020 as an open and flexible IoT gateway.

RS has created a dedicated area on DesignSpark that will provide customers with an extensive set of information around IOT2020 including some reference designs which show how to use this product. Click here to enter DesignSpark

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How to control an Industrial Robot with groov

Massimo Temporelli from the Fab Lab in Milan shows on DesignSpark how to build up an IGUS bench robot and enrich the system with standard parts from RS. In his demonstration he uses an Arduino based open source PLCs, four stepper motor drives and an industrial power supply to control the four axis of the robot arm.
In addition he has connected groov from Opto 22 to the robot control unit which enables users to remotely control the robot arm with any devices that has access to the world wide web.

Read the full story on Designspark which will also include a how-to video and instructions which will allow to replicate the application.

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