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    Solutions for Food & Beverage Manufacturing

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    The challenges facing the food & beverage industry are varied and complex. Demands for shorter production times put increasing pressure on a need for reliable and continuous operations. Extreme temperatures and corrosive environments mean you need products that can handle extreme conditions. And this is before we even get to the latest technology and consumer trends.

    Discover below specialist product solutions and components ideal for food and drink production.

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    Food & Beverage Industry Product Highlights


    Automation & Control

    Whatever you're building, we can supply you with the raw materials and mechanical components along with the fixings to put it all together.

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    Personal Protection

    Personal safety solutions including protective clothing & foot wear as well as personal protection equipment such gloves, footwear from the

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    Cables & Connectors

    High quality, extensive range of cables and associated products from leading global brands like TE Connectivity, Lapp, Harting and Hellerman

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    hand tools

    Hand Tools

    Quality tools, fasteners & fixings, adhesives, sealants, tapes and more to get the job done.

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    Popular Brands for Food & Beverage Manufacturing


    With hands-on guidance and practical advice from Kimberly-Clark Professional*, Tegel was able to begin to make small but highly effective changes to improve the health, safety and operating efficiency of their facilities. This video is all about this journey.

    Metal content cable ties the food solution

    The Metal Content Series from HellermannTyton is a cable tie specifically designed for use in the food & pharmaceutical processing industries.Due to the inclusion of a metallic pigments even small 'cut-off' sections of the cable tie are detected by standard metal detecting equipment.The blue colour of the cable ties assists in the visual detection and greatly reduces the risk of contamination making them ideally for cable installation around food manufacturing process.

    Ideas and advice to help you build better

    Connected Thinking

    Connected Thinking has been created by RS to provide valuable insight and procurement expertise to both businesses and individuals involved in the sectors we support. RS doesn’t simply supply customers with products; we collaborate with organisations to help identify better working practices that will help them to achieve sustainable efficiencies.

    MRO offers food for thought

    MRO offers food for thought

    In the competitive world of food and beverage manufacturing, achieving cost efficiencies through better MRO spend could add significant value to a business’s bottom line.

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    The recipe for a safe workplace

    The recipe for a safe workplace

    As companies in the food and beverage sector look for ways to improve workplace safety for their employees, tapping into the expertise of suppliers could provide useful insight.<br>

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