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    Signal Generators & Analysers

    Our high-quality range of signal generators includes many types of test and measurement equipment, with complimentary accessories. To supply accurate and reliable signal generation hardware and accessories, we work with advanced tech brands like Rohde & Schwarz, Tektronix, BK Precision, Keysight Technologies, and Metrix, complementing the enhanced value signal generator and analysis products in our own RS PRO line.

    Types of Signal Generators:

    There are many kinds of signal generators and analysers available, including:

    • Frequency Counters - Used for measuring frequency in several oscillations/pulses per second for a periodic electronic signal. Typical test subjects include transmitter carriers, oscillators in a circuit, signals on a line, or any component through which the frequency of a steady repetitive signal can be tracked.
    • Waveform Generators & Accessories - Used to inject waveforms into a DUT (device under test) for tracking/analysis testing. Arbitrary waveform generators (AWGs) can generate a broad range of arbitrarily defined signals, unlike function generators. Common accessories include various options for memory and bandwidth upgrades.
    • Function Generators - Used to create electronic signals in a variety of waveforms. They can provide a periodic waveform with controllable frequency ranges and amplitude outputs.
    • Pulse Generators - Used to inject pulse signals (digital, analogue, or both) into DUTs. Some pulse generators also function as digital delay generators and can a stimulus or clock signal to drive lasers, modulators, optical components and more.
    • Spectrum Analysers & Accessories - Used for analysing the spectrum of radio frequency (RF) kit and audio signals to test and diagnose circuit performance.

    Whatever the specific generator or analyser type you require for your workplace testing and development tasks, all signal generators are essentially designed to produce various electrical signals in the form of waves.

    These waveforms are then used as direct stimuli for other items of test equipment, including radio hardware, logic boards, and other electronic/electroacoustic devices that can be fed with particular waveforms during testing or troubleshooting processes.