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    Alarm Sounders & Alarm Strobes

    Alarm Sounders, also known as sounder beacons & Alarm Strobes, are key components in any commercial or residential security or fire alarm system. Alarm sounders can be used in a variety of applications such as burglary deterrent, alerting employees of hazards such as fires or other dangers in the workplace. Many sounders and strobes can be used in both internal and external applications and often require either battery power, or a low voltage mains power supply, making them easy and simple to install.

    Available various configurations of either standalone alarm sounder or strobe, or a combination of the two. Combination modules feature both a speaker and a strobe, most modern unit strobes utilise an LED source. LED strobes are a low power high light output sources to ensure their visibility in all applications. 

    High-pressure sound level outputs from often compact units ensure that any occupants, intruders, employees, residents or otherwise are all made aware that an alarm has been triggered. The sound pressure levels are typically over 90 dB, above the threshold, often classed as harmful to hearing for prolonged exposure ensuring that occupants are forced to leave.

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