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    Hasp & Staples

    A hasp and staple is a locking mechanism that is used on a door or cabinet and held in place with a padlock or pin. The hasp part of the lock contains pre-drilled holes enabling it to be screwed to the door and has a hinged strap attached to it containing a slot. The staple is a metal loop that fits on the adjacent door, frame or lid. The hinged strap on the hasp slots over the staple and is secured in place by a padlock, pin or tumbler. The hasp and staple provide a simple way of making outbuildings or sheds secure and deterring opportunist thieves


    Hasps and staples are usually made from stainless steel, some are galvanised for extra protection against rust making them ideal for external use. Heavy-duty hasp and staples are made from specially designed hardened steel for extra security.

    Types of Hasp and Staple

    Hasps and staples are available with concealed hinge pins and screws to prevent the lock from being knocked through and removed. Heavy-duty hasps and staples are sometimes supplied with a back plate that fits on the inside of the door. A back plate prevents the bolts of the lock from being pulled through and removed. For extra flexibility some hasp and staples have two or three hinges enabling them to be used around the corners of door frames or at an angle

    Uses of a Hasp and Staple

    Hasps and staple locks can be used on a wide range of buildings, outbuildings and cabinets including garages, sheds, workshops, barns, storage cabinets and boxes. Hasps and staples and can also be used on the doors of vans and commercial vehicles

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