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    Water Filter Cartridges

    Water filter cartridges are filters that remove dirt and sediment particles from water, as well as reducing the build up of limescale. Dependant on the type of cartridge being used, some will also kill bacteria, parasites and viruses, giving you safe and clean water.

    These water filter cartridges are made from a number of materials and are simply inserted into a water filter housing. The large surface area of these filters trap sediments and contaminants and the carbon acts as a magnet for compounds as water passes through. Then the chemical reactions that occur in the filter reduce chemicals such as chlorine on contact with them.

    Water filters can be used in a variety of applications and most water filter cartridges have a long life and are an ideal way of keeping your water supply filtered and as clean as possible for home drinking, hot and cold vending machines, ice machines. They are easy to fit and replace and as well as improving the taste of the water, they help improve the life of the machine.

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