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    Hi Vis T-Shirts

    Use Hi Vis T-Shirts to keep cool, comfortable and safe. We offer a wide range of men and unisex T-Shirts depending upon your individual requirements. Our range includes hi vis long sleeve and hi vis short sleeve options supplied from leading brands such as; Helly Hansen and RS PRO

    How do you choose?

    Hi Vis T-Shirts have improved with technology, many are now designed with breathable materials and a focus on comfort. It's important to be comfortable and seen while you work. Our offer makes it easy to decide which style, size and colour suits your needs or work regulations

    Key Features

    • Hi-Vis T-Shirts
    • Size UK and Size EUR
    • Size Small to XL
    • Long Sleeve and Short Sleeve
    • Men and Unisex
    • Yellow or Orange primary colours
    • Visibility reflective tape on the waist, arms or shoulders
    • Polyester Quick-drying material
    • Suitable for sensitive skin, and breathable

    High Visibility

    Hi Vis T-Shirts are workwear to be seen and safe. Keep safe at work and reduce the risk of injury. Reflective materials used on hi-visibility clothing work by reflecting the light rays back in the same direction as they came from. Hi-visibility clothing are among the protective items classified by the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) at work regulations.


    • Industrial applications
    • Warehouses
    • Traffic Control
    • Tradesmen
    • Outdoor Activities
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