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    Profile & Round Belts

    Profile & round belts are widely used in industry as a means of transferring power. They have greater elasticity than rubber and are rated to different temperature settings and petrol resistance. They have high load capacity, high tensile strength and are easy to clean. The material they're made of is resistant to oil, chemicals and abrasion.

    What are Profile & round belts used for?

    Profile & round belts are used in power transmissions and roller conveyors, such as line-shaft conveyors. They are used where a twist in a belt is needed to drive a pulley at an angle. Because of their highly elastic properties, round belts require no special safety measures or complicated joining procedures.

    Types of Profile & round belts

    Profile & round belts are available in a range of diameters and material specifications to suit different end uses. Other features include hardness, length, ambient temperature and working load. The colour or material of a polyurethane belt are the most common specifications to look for. Most polyurethane belting is clear but they also come in see-through blue, a rough green and an orange, for thicker, less stretching applications.

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