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    Ducting is used to deliver and remove air, to and from a building. A duct is a type of conduit that is used for applications such as heating or ventilation. The scalability can differ from being used in a simple extractor fan cooker design, all the way up to a large factory. They facilitate the needed airflow, such as return air, exhaust air and supply air. More often than not, ducts also deliver ventilation air as part of a supply air application.

    A common term that is often used with ducting is a duct system, sometimes referred to as ductwork. A terms that describe the planning and optimising of finding the pressure losses through a duct system is called a duct design.

    Which types of Ducting could I use?

    HVAC Ducting (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) - This type of ducting is used to provide healthy, quality indoor or vehicular air, as well as providing thermal comfort. It's used predominantly to provide good quality air, to control temperature levels and replenish oxygen levels. HVAC Ducting is a type of ventilation ducting and will keep the interior of a buildings are circulation, which helps remove the possibility of stagnation. Ventilation ducting will help remove moisture, pollutants, airborne bacteria as well as gases. This type of ventilation system is commonly found in factories, schools, hotels and industrial environments.

    Flexible Ducting is available in tubes, hoses, canals and in the form of ducting pipes. Flexible ducting is designed to funnel dust fumes and abrasive materials from one location to another, in most cases from the interior of a building through to the exterior. As it is flexible, it's designed to bend in a user friendly way and can be positioned in areas that need flexibility, such as bends around corners or around other pipe work. Depending on the material, some flexible ducting pipes can also handle liquid, which makes flexible ducting multi-functional for many different industries.

    How long Ducting lasts?

    The average life of duct-work is between 10 and 15 years before it will start to deteriorate, this is all dependant on the material used, how well it is installed and of course how often it is used

    RS brings to you a variety of ventilation ducting, flexible ducting, ducting supplies and spiral ducting from leading brands such as Merlett Plastics and our trusted own brand RS Pro.

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