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    Wire Stripper Accessories

    Wire stripper accessories include replacement, spare and extra parts for use with a range of wire or cable strippers, including ribbon cable cutters, automatic wire strippers or cable strippers. Wire or cable strippers are small, hand-held devices used to strip the electrical insulation from wires. They're designed to make the cable stripping process easier and more effective. Ensuring your cable or wire stripper is in top working order is important because it strips insulation from your wire without damaging the wire. A blunt blade or faulty part can cause damage to your wire.

    Wire and cable stripper accessories

    • Blades – varying sizes and shapes for when your cutter or stripper blade is blunt from use. New, sharp blades reduce friction for easier wire stripping, and the blades can be quickly changed or adjusted.
    • Jaws – metal parts used to hold/clamp the wire. Replacement jaws are usually for use with automatic wire strippers.
    • Cassettes – enables rapid changes between different cable types. You don't have to adjust your tool every time to switch cables. Instead slot in a pre-adjusted memory cassette in your tool.
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