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    Bottle Brushes

    Consider bottle brushes as part of your cleaning process. These brushes are designed to locate all those hard to reach areas in bottles, glasses, and tubes. Our range of products are available in different length, bristle material and colours, so you can colour code tasks. Here at RS we source high-quality brushes from leading brands such as Vikan and RS PRO.

    Why would you use a bottle brush?

    Bottle brushes are the ideal accessory for hard to reach areas, they are also a safety precaution for cleaning inside the glass as it’s all too easy to break when cleaning by hand. The flexible nature of these brushes makes cleaning quicker and safer.The brushes reach the gunk and bacteria that builds up on the inside. some liquids are hard to rinse out so the bottle cleaning brush is an ideal way to remove it.

    Key features

    • Flexible twisted rod
    • Replaceable heads
    • Angled bristle
    • Ergonomic handles
    • Unlimited cleaning potential
    • Multiple colour choices
    • Easy storage


    Bottle brushes are typical used in facilities cleaning applications such as kitchens, bathrooms but also used for cleaning machinery, conveyors and vehicle detailing.

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