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    Wiring Combs

    Wiring combs and pens are simple tools for making electrical connections easier and more streamlined. They create a neat cable appearance in a short amount of time, compared to other conventional methods of wiring.

    What is a cable management comb?

    Wiring combs work in a similar way to clamps and are suitable for any high-density wiring. They are designed to work with all individually sleeved cables and hold the cables into the comb using a wiring pen and spool wire. Wiring combs can be quite fragile. It is recommended to use multiple smaller sizes of PC cable combs or PSU cable combs instead of one large size, so that you can reduce the amount of stress on the wiring comb.Getting the right cable management combThere are two typical types of wire combs. Three holes for every inch or meter wouldmake up the 3:1 pitch comb. Small books and personal documents are often bound in this tight comb design. These combs often have two wires running through each hole or are double-wired.In mass-produced books, the same but more widely spaced 2:1 pitch comb is much more typical. These combs can be double-wired, although single wiring is also rather common. The fundamental distinction between the two as well as three pitches, apart from the amount of loops per inches or meter, is size. Smaller books are pitched at three, whereas bigger volumes are pitched at two. Rectangular or round holes are compatible with both the 2:1 and the 3:1 systems.There are mainly two types of wire combs: spiral and clasp. The most common kind of basic book, such as notebooks and personal planners, is spiral. Instead of being twisted in a spiral, clasps clamp shut around the book. While clasps often have two wires and rectangular holes, spirals typically have a single wire with a circular hole.

    How to use a wire comb?

    Wiring combs or sleeved cable combs are available in a range of sizes to suit various cable configurations. They are mainly constructed from nylon and are ideal for prototyping, breadboards, repair, and limited production runs. Wiring combs are widely supplied in packs with different numbers of spools.The actual piece of metal that makes up a wire-bound book is known as a wire comb. These bindings are available in a range of shapes and sizes. A wire comb is often composed of metal, although sometimes it's plastic. As they maintain their shape effectively and can withstand blows that'd deform or shatter other materials, metal wires are indeed the favored way of binding. Using a wire comb is often quite straightforward, in contrast to many other book-binding techniques, and machines range from massive industrial binders to tiny, personal ones that may fit on a bookshelf. You will never regret about the decision that you take to buy a cable comb for cable management.If you are looking for a cable management comb, feel free to take a look at the collection of products we have. We guarantee that you can end up with proper cable management with the right cable management comb we offer. Whether you are looking for a CAT6 cable comb, CAT6 cable dressing tool, sleeved cable combs, PC wire combs, or computer cable combs, we got you covered. You may even buy a complete PC cable comb from us.

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