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    Drive Rollers

    Drive rollers are products vital for the smooth running of conveyor systems. They include items such as motorised drive rollers, slave rollers and driver bands. These components isolate shock and vibration, connect one driven shaft to another and synchronise movement between shafts.

    Types of Drive Rollers

    Elements in a conveyor system have to work efficiently together to ensure there's no lag or slack. Motorised drive rollers have integrated motors and can drive nine slave rollers while minimising noise. Slave rollers bear the brunt of the work in a conveyor system, so are made from hardwearing steel with zinc plating and are resistant to deformation. Transfer spools work with shafts to transfer power to drive bands, while drive bands can connect rollers to rollers, or rollers to drive shafts.

    Choosing Drive Rollers & Components

    It is essential to choose the right components to deliver top performance. They can accept minor misalignments, prevent wear and tear of a complete system and help to reduce power consumption for smooth and efficient running of your line. Drive rollers, slave rollers and drive bands come in different lengths and sizes to suit all builds of a conveyor.

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