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    Industrial Circular Connectors

    Industrial circular connectors are heavy-duty, multi-pin connectors housed in circular bodies, typically made from durable plastic or metal. Designed to endure tough environmental conditions, these connectors boast high IP ratings like IP67, IP68, and IP69K, ensuring they withstand exposure to moisture and dust. Their robust construction makes them essential for ensuring continuous power and data transfer in demanding industrial settings. Widely utilised in automating processes, these connectors facilitate reliable connections that are critical for the operational efficiency and safety of industrial automation systems. Applications span across various sectors including factory and industrial automation, manufacturing, process control, industrial networking, as well as measurement and instrumentation, making them a fundamental component in enhancing industrial system reliability and performance.

    Types of Circular Connectors Commonly Used

    Discover the versatility and durability of our circular connector range, catering to diverse industrial needs.

    M12 Circular Connectors

    The M12 circular connector, with its robust 12-mm locking thread, is an indispensable component in factory automation. Designed to cater to a wide range of industrial applications, these connectors are available in configurations ranging from three to 12 pins to suit various data, signal, and power needs. Particularly notable are the four- and eight-pin models, which are extensively used for PROFINET and Ethernet networks, ensuring seamless data transmission even in washdown and corrosive environments. The durability and versatility of M12 connectors make them ideal for critical uses in sectors such as agriculture, factory automation, and transportation, where reliability under extreme conditions is paramount.

    M8 Circular Connectors

    The M8 circular connector is specifically designed to maintain integrity in wet and harsh conditions, making it perfect for industries like food and beverage processing where watertight connections are crucial. This three-pin connector is engineered to remain sealed even under submersion, greatly simplifying the installation and maintenance processes. Its ability to reduce setup times and minimise the need for extensive maintenance schedules ensures that the M8 connector is essential for boosting the operational efficiency of sensors, actuators, PLCs, I/O boxes, and HVAC system valves, enhancing overall system reliability and cost-effectiveness.

    M23 Circular Connectors

    M23 circular connectors offer a robust solution for integrating signal and power transmission within a single system, particularly suited for powering electrical drives and managing controls in industrial automation. These connectors are available in industrial and high-grade stainless steel options, incorporating hyperboloid contact technology that excels in extreme conditions by providing increased reliability and longevity. The design and functionality of M23 connectors make them especially valuable for applications where consistent performance and durability are required, ensuring optimal operation in environments that challenge equipment resilience.

    M9 Circular Connectors

    The M9 circular connector is renowned for its strong cylindrical structure, making it especially suitable for applications requiring robust and durable electrical connections. It excels in environments prone to mechanical shocks and vibrations, offering a reliable solution for low-frequency interconnections, radio frequency, and audio applications. Its straightforward design allows for easy handling, effective sealing, and a reliable locking mechanism, ensuring that the M9 connectors maintain their integrity and performance even under demanding conditions, thus safeguarding critical industrial operations.

    Miniature Circular Connectors

    Designed for applications where space is at a premium and performance cannot be compromised, miniature circular connectors are essential in high-speed and rugged environments. These connectors are meticulously engineered to withstand severe operational challenges while providing reliable and durable connections. Their compact size does not sacrifice performance, making them suitable for advanced military, aerospace, and telecommunications systems, where robustness, reliability, and high data transmission rates are crucial for the success of the operation.

    In addition to the featured circular connectors, there remains a diverse range of sizes. From M5 to M58, these circular connectors are designed to meet various industrial needs and cater to a broad spectrum of applications, ensuring compatibility and flexibility across different sectors. Whether you require a two-pin circular connector for simple power connections or a larger multi-pin configuration for complex data and signal integration, each connector is built to maintain exceptional performance in challenging environments, making them the ideal choice for ensuring reliable operations in any industrial setting.

    Shop Industrial Circular Connectors from RS Singapore

    RS Singapore is your trusted source for industrial circular connectors from leading manufacturers like Schneider Electric and TE Connectivity. Ensure your systems meet the highest standards of reliability and performance by choosing from our extensive selection. With our efficient delivery service, including free next working day delivery for online orders and consolidated delivery for multiple orders, RS Singapore is dedicated to meeting your industrial connectivity needs. For next working day delivery, please refer to our Delivery page for more details on cut-off timings or contact our customer service team. Shop our range today and ensure your projects stay on track with minimal downtime.

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