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    Shock & Tilt Labels

    What are Shock and Tilt labels?

    Shock and Tilt labels are a tamper-proof, cost-effective solution to determine if the packaging in your shipment has been mishandled. If your shipment contains fragile goods, Shock and Tilt labels act as a deterrent to mishandling as they provide evidence that your package has been tampered with.

    How do they work?

    ShockWatch and TiltWatch labels are an indicator to damage afflicted by handlers within the supply chain. A shock sensor in the label detects and records indisputable evidence of impact to packaging during transportation. ShockWatch and TiltWatch labels also act as a visual reminder to handle sensitive or calibrated products with care.

    Features & Benefits include:

    • Easily applied to packaging or container
    • Tested for compliance in various environments including, manufacturing, storage and shipping
    • Prevention of mishandling through all stages of delivery
    • Highly visible
    • Available in multiple colours for a wide range of packages

    ShockWatch and TiltWatch are renowned for their reliability and are trusted by thousands of top companies. Feel free to browse our selection of high quality Shock & Tilt Labels.

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