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    Packing Tapes

    Packing tape also referred to as parcel tape, is mostly used to seal up cardboard boxes, secure packages or used to repair or secure a box or package if necessary. They are ideal to use when packaging up goods for postage or when packing up boxes for moving.

    A packing tape, also known as parcel tape, is made from a polypropylene or polyester composition and is designed to stick to surfaces under pressure due to its pressure-sensitive nature. Used for a wide range of purposes, primarily to seal boxes and packages for shipments. That sounds pretty straightforward, doesn't it? If you consider the wide variety of box sizes, weights, and shapes available today, it becomes apparent that packaging tape must perform under a variety of conditions.

    Packing tape is available to buy individually or in a pack of several rolls. Packing tape is ideal in helping to ensure your customer is satisfied with the goods that they receive, and that their parcel or supplies arrive securely and are in pristine condition on delivery.

    Our product line includes transparent tape, coloured tape, clear tape and brown tape. It comes in a variety of sizes, although the most common small core rolls of tape are 19 mm x 33 m, large core tape rolls are 19 mm x 66 m and packaging tape is 50 mm x 66 m. Although many different widths (mm) and lengths (m) of tapes are widely available.

    How to apply parcel tape?

    The packaging or parcel tape can be applied in a variety of ways, either manually or with a stationary dispenser, like that of Sellotape. A handheld tape dispenser with a serrated edge cuts the tape at the correct place and prevents it from becoming tangled and unnecessarily wasted. Or the packing tape can be applied with automated machinery, in this case, low-noise tape can be especially effective and ideal when using it for high-speed packaging lines.

    Type of packing tapes

    Parcel tape is available in a range of variations that work effectively on different surfaces. Different tensile strengths are available ranging from 7N/cm all the way to 800N/cm with various backings for different package-type applications such as;

    Glass Fiber

    With the right application process, glass fibre tape can be used to manufacture any type of profile, including spars and any hollow construction, in which case, when applied properly, you can be certain the reinforced fibres are free of air bubbles throughout the braided hose, completely seamless and resilient - therefore strong - around the forming core edge as well.

    This resin system is sufficiently impregnated to ensure a strong bond.

    Kraft Paper

    Kraft paper is a type of paper or paperboard produced using wooden pulp using machines and employing kraft technology. Among its many uses are wrapping and producing grocery bags. Both online and offline stores sell this product at a good high price.


    PVC tape also referred to as Polyvinyl chloride tape offers high-strength and durable packaging tape that is appropriate for dealing with bulky shipments, specifically heavy objects or supplies that are larger in size. With a flat surface, it comes pre-adhered to a strong natural rubber adhesive that adheres to a variety of surfaces, notably cardboard.


    Polyester adhesive tape (PET tape) is similar to Kapton tape in terms of how it has a smooth appearance, making it useful when it comes to creating clean models.

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