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    ESD Tapes

    ESD tape is an anti-static tape, they are intended for use where electrostatic discharge (ESD) may cause a problem. We offer a range of ESD adhesive tape which include ESD conductive tape, ESD grid tape, ESD packaging tape, ESD floor marking tape and ESD tape to store equipment in a clean room.

    What is ESD tape used for?

    ESD safe tape is primarily used as a safety device so that you can reduce the risk of contamination of your products. The conductive adhesive tape is designed for use around equipment that's sensitive to electrostatic discharge. It is safe around electrical equipment and can be found in electronics manufacturing plants, electrical installations, and automotive production lines. ESD tapes may have an electrostatic discharge (ESD) symbol, so you know it's suitable for use in static-safe areas. The ESD marking tapes indicate a clear warning for people entering an ESD (electrostatic discharge) controlled area. Suitable for marking out the floor area of an EPA, as well as placing it on walls.

    Types of ESD tape

    The tape can vary according to:

    • Size and length, depending on the size of the package that needs to be sealed
    • Material it is made from, which can be conductive or dissipative or neither
    • Colour and design, which may be plain, clear, or have a printed logo displaying its ESD safe properties
    • (electro-static discharge) tape
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