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    Platform Trolleys

    A platform trolley, also known as a platform truck, is a versatile, wheeled device used for transporting heavy or bulky items, such as boxes or packages, across long or short-term distances.

    Characteristically, it features a flat base typically mounted on 4 wheels, often accompanied by a handle to facilitate manoeuvrability. These trolleys are invaluable in diverse environments—from industrial warehouses to retail spaces in Singapore.

    How Do They Work?

    Platform trolleys are designed with a flat base and durable wheels, ensuring high portability and easy manoeuvrability. The user pulls or pushes the handle to steer the trolley in the desired direction.

    This design allows for the effortless movement of heavy or bulky loads, accommodating weights up to their maximum capacity.

    Different Types of Platform Trolley

    Platform trolleys are essential tools for efficient material handling. Each type of trolley offers unique features tailored to specific needs, enhancing functionality and user convenience.

    Here’s a list of some of the most common types available:

    1. Flatbed Trolley

    A flatbed or flatform truck trolley features a completely flat surface without sides, making it ideal for transporting large, bulky items that may not easily fit within confined boundaries. It provides versatility in load arrangement and easy access for loading and unloading.

    Options for these trolleys may also come with a lifting platform to facilitate the handling of heavier loads, enhancing functionality in various operational settings.

    2. Folding Platform Trolley

    The folding or foldable 4 wheel platform trolley is designed for maximum convenience, particularly in space-restricted areas. It can be easily folded and stored away when not in use, making it a popular choice for occasional use in offices or retail spaces.

    3. Solid-Sided

    Equipped with fixed walls on one or more sides, solid-sided trolleys offer added security for transported items. This design is ideal for moving smaller materials that require containment or protection during transit.

    4. Structural Foam Tilt Truck

    This platform dolly trolley combines functionality and comfort with a padded surface suitable for various tasks, including floor-level operations and equipment upkeep. Its streamlined design ensures it can easily fit under spaces and around obstacles, offering practicality for diverse environments such as workshops, storerooms, and sales floors.

    Features and Benefits of Owning a Platform Trolley

    Platform trolleys offer a variety of benefits that make them a valuable asset in any business or workplace:

    • Increased efficiency: These trolleys expedite the movement of goods, drastically cutting down the time needed for manual transportation, thus saving both time and operational costs.
    • Health and safety: By reducing the necessity for manual lifting, platform trolleys help prevent injuries related to carrying heavy loads, enhancing workplace safety.
    • Space-saving: Models like the foldable platform trolley can be collapsed, making them compact and easy to store. This feature is especially valuable in environments with limited storage space.
    • Heavy-duty use: Capable of handling substantial weights, some industrial platform trolleys can support up to 500kg, reducing the need for manual labour in demanding workplace settings.
    • Ease of movement: Designed for ease of manoeuvrability, these trolleys often include swivel wheels, making them agile and easy to handle in tight spaces.
    • Economical: Platform trolleys are an affordable alternative to more expensive material handling systems, such as conveyor belts or forklifts. They are ideal for those looking to save on costs without sacrificing functionality.
    • Simple maintenance: These trolleys are generally easy to maintain and repair, ensuring they last longer and provide greater value over time.

    Where Might I Use One?

    Platform trolleys are incredibly versatile, serving distinct purposes across various settings in Singapore:

    • In warehouses: They are ideal for transporting bulky items across large spaces, aiding in everything from inventory management to order fulfilment.
    • Factories: Essential for moving components across assembly lines or to storage areas, helping maintain continuous production flow.
    • Postal service industries: Efficient in large sorting facilities, where workers need to move heavy sacks of mail or large packages from sorting stations to delivery areas.
    • In your home: Handy for homeowners tackling tasks such as moving furniture or heavy gardening supplies, simplifying Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects and reducing physical strain.

    Enhance your operations with our portable platform trolleys and explore other essential tools for your workplace at RS Singapore. From material handling to temperature control systems for temperature-sensitive goods stored in facilities, find everything you need in one place.

    Platform Trolley Delivery in Singapore

    RS provides reliable delivery services for platform trolleys across Singapore, including free next day delivery for orders placed before 3:30pm on weekdays.

    However, delivery times can vary, especially for orders of platform trolleys exceeding 15 kg, which require special handling and transportation. For more details, please visit our delivery information page or contact our customer service team at +65 6865 3400.

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