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SK Rotating Beacons

Motorozed rotation with efficient light output

  • Durable and Reliable
  • The SK is equipped with a brushless motor, which produces less heating than a conventional motor, and has a longer motor life.
  • Higher Visibility
  • This newly developed dual-reflector efficiently distributes LED light, creating bright, even light output.

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LA6-POE Programmable Signal Tower

Upload colors and patterns to the signal tower via a USB cable

  • An internal Multi-function Switch is added.
  • A new lens design optimizes visibility.
  • The alarm has a total of 11 sounds to match various applications.
  • Ethernet Progammable Signal Tower with PoE

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SF Multi-Function Beacons

LED animations including simulated rotation 

  • High Efficiency
  • This motorless, maintenance-free design produces LED animations including simulated rotation, flashing, and pulsing effects.
  • Wide Selection of Light Patterns
  • Select from 22 light patterns to indicate various statuses at your work field. The light pattern can easily be configured by adjusting the rotary switch and wiring channels.

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