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    WiFi Testers

    Wifi testers are devices used to test and troubleshoot wireless signals.They are used by network professionals and technicians when installing or repairing WiFi technologies.

    Quick and reliable WiFi connections are an essential part of everyday life. Wi-Fi testers help uncover Wi-Fi problems and sometimes troubleshoot the issue. Wi-Fi testing evaluates the performance and resistance of the connection from common interferences on similar bandwidths such as microwaves, Bluetooth devices and other Wi-Fi devices.

    Why buy a Wi-Fi Tester?

    As we know it’s frustrating when your Wi-Fi is poor and even drops out for period. Therefore Wi-Fi analysis is a priority. At RS we have a range of Wi-Fi analysers to monitor performance, security, and try to prevent failures. WiFi testers are used for:

    • Locating operators
    • Coverage issues
    • Overloaded networks
    • Jamming detectoin
    • Channel interference
    • Access point failures
    • Unauthorised clients

    What does high performing Wi-Fi look like?

    As we know it’s vitally important to have high performing Wi-Fi, whether you're a business or at home, but what does it look like:

    Quick connection speeds for devices over the internet - This could be downloading files or running internet based programmes.

    • Strong signal throughout the building - Most devices now are mobile, meaning you can take them anywhere. So having a Wi-Fi signal which can reach every part of the building is great.
    • Connecting further devices - It’s fine having high performance and security with one or two devices. When you scale it up to have over 50 devices does it still hold the same level of performance.
    • Secure Connections - When more and more devices are connected the level of threat to the security of the connection goes up. Ensure the Wi-Fi network is fully protected against unauthorised devices is vitally important.

    Why choose RS for Wi-Fi Testers?

    At RS we have a comprehensive range of Wi-Fi testers from leading brands such as CSL, Dycon and NetAlly. We have technical advisors on hand to answer questions you may have on which Wi-Fi will best suit your needs. We also offer free next delivery.

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