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    Multimeters are devices that measure multiple electrical values including voltage (volts), current (amps), and resistance (ohms). Both digital and analogue multimeters are considered essential tools for diagnosing issues, testing circuits, and ensuring electrical safety in electrical components and circuits.

    Multimeters are available in various types, each tailored to specific needs from basic models for beginners, through to advanced, precision multimeters for professionals who require a broader range of measurement capabilities.

    Our comprehensive range of multimeters have been chosen for their high-quality components and accuracy, sourced from leading brands in the industry.

    Browse our range of handheld, bench, and digital multimeters today which includes Fluke Multimeters, Keysight Multimeters and our own RS PRO Multimeters and find your ideal multimeter solution. For more information, check out our digital multimeters guide.

    What is a Multimeter

    The purpose of a multimeter is to check the electrical resistance within a circuit. They are available in two different types; analogue or digital. With a multimeter tester, there are many diagnostic procedures that can be performed.

    No two multimeters are the same and the functions can vary with the price so it's important to have a good quality multimeter with multiple functions if you are an electronic engineer and electrician.

    Main Types of Multimeters

    Analogue Multimeters

    Analogue multimeters, also known as volt-ohm-milliammeters (VOM), use a moving pointer to display measurements on a scaled display. While relatively simple to use, their features and functions are limited compared to digital counterparts. Analogue multimeters offer some advantages:

    • They are more sensitive to small changes in readings, making them useful for observing trends or fluctuations.
    • They are generally less expensive than digital multimeters.
    • They do not require batteries for voltage and resistance measurements.

    However, analogue multimeters are less precise and can be more difficult to read accurately, especially for inexperienced users.

    Digital Multimeters (DMMs)

    Digital multimeters are the most common type used today, offering greater accuracy and a wide range of functions. Typically, they offer features such as auto-ranging capability, data hold function, True-RMS measurements, backlit displays, and additional measurement capabilities (e.g., capacitance, frequency, temperature). They come in various forms, including:

    • Handheld DMMs: Portable devices ideal for field work and on-site measurements.
    • Benchtop DMMs: Larger, more precise instruments for laboratory and workshop use.
    • Clamp meter DMMs: Specialised for measuring current in live wires without direct contact.

    Bench Multimeters

    Bench multimeters are designed for workshop and laboratory environments, catering to engineers and technicians who need reliable instruments for maintenance, testing, or repair tasks. Key features include:

    • Higher accuracy and resolution compared to handheld models
    • Larger displays for easy reading
    • Multiple input channels for simultaneous measurements
    • Advanced data logging and analysis capabilities
    • Compatibility with automated test systems

    Handheld Multimeters

    Handheld multimeters are portable, battery-powered devices used to measure voltage, current, and resistance in electrical circuits. They are ideal for on-the-go troubleshooting and fieldwork, offering convenience and versatility for both professionals and hobbyists. Some of the advantages of handheld devices include:

    • Compact size and lightweight design
    • Battery-powered operation for use in various locations
    • Rugged construction for durability in harsh environments
    • Basic to advanced functionality depending on the model
    • Often equipped with safety features like overload protection

    What is the Difference Between an Analogue and Digital Multimeter?

    Analogue multimeters use a needle scale to show their readings whereas digital multimeters have a numeric display. The accuracy of analogue multimeters can be compromised over time due to fluctuations caused by the flow of electricity, which can cause the needle to drift.

    As technology has advanced, digital multimeters (DMM) have become more popular as they have the ability to measure with greater accuracy and the LCD display is easy to read.

    Checks Performed by Multimeters

    Multimeter testers are versatile instruments used to perform a variety of electrical checks, ensuring the proper functioning and safety of electrical systems. They can measure the following parameters:

    • AC or DC voltages
    • Resistance
    • Continuity of electrical components
    • Current in circuits
    • Diode testing
    • Some advance models may measure frequency, temperature, capacitance and have True RMS voltage and current readings
    • Auto-ranging capabilities which automatically selects the measurement range

    Typical Applications of Multimeters

    Multimeter testers are used across a range of industries, environments and applications. These include:

    • Electronics testing: Multimeters are used to measure voltage, current, and resistance in electronic circuits, to ensure components function correctly.
    • Domestic electrical wiring installation: Multimeters help in ensuring the safety of household electrical circuits and appliances.
    • Commercial electrical wiring installation: Multimeters are essential for inspecting and maintaining electrical systems in commercial buildings.
    • Industrial electrical wiring installation: Used to monitor and troubleshoot complex electrical systems in industrial environments.
    • Automotive servicing: Multimeters diagnose electrical issues in vehicles by testing battery voltage, current flow, and circuit continuity.

    Buying Multimeters from RS: Order and Delivery Information

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