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    Thickness Gauges

    Thickness gauges are digital or LCD tools used for taking thickness measurements on parts, materials or coatings in a range of situations. Typically used in engineering, thickness gauges either use a mechanical jaw that is closed and reset to zero, then opened to fit around the material or part and then a readout is given of the measurement reading. Our range of thickness gauges are of the highest quality and sourced from leading brands such as; CHY Firemate, Laserliner, Mitutoyo, Sauter and RS PRO.

    Types of Gauges

    • Coating Thickness Gauge
    • Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
    • Mini Thickness Gauge
    • Thickness Meter

    Things to consider

    Thickness gauges have different accuracy tolerances so always consider the accuracy, resolution, minimum and maximum measurement required for the work you are undertaking to have the best tool for the job.

    Important Features

    • Non-destructive testing
    • High level of accuracy
    • Digital, LCD display
    • Ultrasonic gauges only require single sided access
    • Simple and quick to use

    Where would you find a Thickness Gauge?

    Thickness gauges uses are in applications such as;

    • Mechanical engineering
    • Metal fabrication
    • Vehicle restoration
    • Accuracy and quality control.

    Why choose RS for Thickness Gauges?

    Here at RS we support engineers with quality products and technical information helping you to find the right thickness gauge for your application.

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