Safety Signs

Safety and security signs around the office, plant floor or job site are about more than just compliance with rules and regulations. They’re about taking practical, meaningful steps to actively care for and protect your all-important workforce against a wide range of everyday hazards.

Types of safety and security signs you might need in your workplace include:

  • Hazard warning signs and safety labels: CLP regulation hazard pictograms, warning signs & emergency escape signs
  • Location signs; Amenities (toilets, washrooms), exit and emergency exit signs, building layout and general direction signs
  • Mandatory signs: Statutory requirements for the area being entered, safety equipment and PPE instructions, worker positioning and access, hygiene rules
  • Prohibitory signs: Restricted area/keep out, no parking, no smoking, no mobile phones, walk/do not walk this way, do not touch
  • Fire safety signs & labels (required to be used when risks exist which cannot be avoided by other means or controlled)
    • Instructional/fire action signs
    • Fire exit signs
    • Fire alarm call point signs
    • Fire extinguisher identification signs/pictograms

We also stock a diverse selection of common road safety and traffic signs, accessibility and tactile signs, non-illuminated exit labels, first aid signs and labels, and safe conditions/equipment safety signs.

Signage materials available include:

  • Aluminium and foil safety signs
  • Fabric and paper safety labels
  • Plastic, thermoplastic, polycarbonate and PVC security signs
  • Vinyl safety signs
Languages available:
  • English signs
  • French signs
  • German signs
  • Spanish signs
  • Japanese signs
  • Multi-language safety signs

Our varied selection of emergency, hazard warning, instructional, informational and general purpose signage/labelling includes most of the common alerts you might need to place around your working environment. Whether you run an industrial complex or a city centre office, our range will help ensure your valued staff are fully aware of their own safety and responsibilities at all times.

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