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    CCTV & Security Surveillance

    There's a wide selection of high-quality CCTV and security surveillance products for you to pick from in our range – ideal for helping to protect your home or business.Whether you're in need of cameras, lenses, video recorders or just cables and accessories, we have it all in our collection. Choose from industry-leading brands such as Samsung, FLIR and Panasonic, as well as great value items from our high-quality own brand RS PRO.

    What is CCTV?

    CCTV (closed-circuit television) is a system of cameras that record or transmit video footage for surveillance and security purposes. A complete CCTV system consists of:Security cameras (analogue or digital)CablesA video recorder (DVR or NVR)A storage unit, usually a hard driveA display unit, such as a monitor (optional)They're commonly installed to observe buildings, grounds and other areas to detect and prevent criminal activity. As well as private premises, they're used in the following places:Public areas such as car parks and supermarketsFor traffic monitoringTo oversee toxic and hazardous industrial environments so people aren't exposedFor visual records in places such as banks, casinos and airportsTo monitor prisonsFor transport services, such as trainsWe stock everything you need to implement CCTV systems, as well as other surveillance measures including dash cams, body camera accessories, dummy cameras and mirrors.

    What are the benefits?

    Deter and prevent criminal activityEnjoy improved insurance ratesCost-effective surveillance systemPeace of mind

    Choosing the right equipment

    Digital video recorders (DVRs) – These are devices that process video signals from cameras and transmit them through a coaxial cable.Network video recorders (NVRs) – These differ to DVRs by recording and transmitting video footage via a network cable.Dash cams and accessories – Also called dashboard cameras, they're installed in vehicles to monitor road scenery to capture evidence in an accident or collision.CCTV cameras and accessories – Cameras record the video footage and are the forefront of security installations.Monitors – These are used to transmit video signals to people monitoring the footage, for surveillance purposes.Dummy cameras – These are wireless false cameras designed to look like real ones, providing a low maintenance and cost-effective deterrent.Mirrors – Designed to be used alongside cameras, they help to increase visibility to improve the effectiveness of cameras by reflecting a wider angle view.Products within the CCTV & Security Surveillance range actively support healthy building as per the guidance of the 9 elements of a healthy building from IOSH. Specific healthy building elements covered by this range are: Safety & Security