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    Raspberry Pi Power Supplies

    Plug-in power supplies (PSU) are electronic devices used to convert alternating current (AC) from the mains electricity supply to a usable direct current (DC) voltage. A fixed DC power supply is a reliable way to power your Raspberry Pi as you know the rated voltage that will be delivered to your board. RS offer a range of exceptional quality power supplies from leading brands including Raspberry Pi, Stontronincs and Okdo.

    To keep your Raspberry Pi-powered up and stable level, you will need a power supply you can trust the quality of. We understand that each board can differ slightly in their current (mA) requirements to ensure it is getting enough power to support the capabilities of the board and what it is connected to. Therefore, we have a wide choice of power supplies for your Raspberry Pi for you to choose from.

    What are the different types of power supplies?

    Our range of plug-in power supplies are available with micro USB Type B or USB Type C output connectors. Micro USB PSUs for all models up to the Raspberry Pi 3 and the USB Type C PSUs for Raspberry Pi 4. You can choose popular plug types for UK and EU use as well as universal power supplies with interchangeable plug adapters. All with a 1.5-meter cable and output voltages including 5 V, 5.1V and 5.2V.

    Why buy from RS?

    When you purchase your plug-in power supplies from RS you can be safe in the knowledge that our great products are constructed from the highest quality materials. We offer Raspberry Pi official products as well as other high-quality power supply alternatives.

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