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    Drill Chucks

    Drill accessories are a useful solution to have at your disposal especially when you are handling a project that involves drilling different holes. They are so crucial that you could end up getting disappointed once you are trying to drill holes without them.

    Our goal today is to reveal some of the most popular drill accessories including the roles they are known to perform once used. In the end, you will see why they are highly recommended for projects that involve drilling of holes. Check them out below.

    The Drill Chuck

    These are mechanisms (spindle-mounted) which are used in holding drills. Apart from drills, a drill chuck can also be used to hold other instruments that are used for cutting. With the aid of a

    drill chuck arbor, drill chucks can be linked or connected to your machine's spindle.

    What is chuck size in drill machine?

    This is very easy to understand as you only need to look at the numbers that have been engraved on your drill chuck. You should find numbers like 1/2, 1/4, 1/2, or something else. You can also use a ruler in measuring the hole's diameter in the side of such chunk (in inches).

    Please note that the standard size is usually 3/8inch (10mm) with a smaller chuck. These tend to be less powerful and also very cheap as compared to other drill chucks you will find.

    Drill Bit Holder

    A drill bit holder is one of the most important drill accessories you can have. This is due to how it helps to ensure you are flexible while completing tasks. For instance, drill bit holders can ensure drills are easily converted into screwdrivers. With it, you can use power tools to drive screws much easier and faster.

    Under normal circumstances, drill bit holders come with hexagonal steel bar. While one end will be gripping the chuck, the other end is characterized by chrome steel cylinder which ensures screwdriver bits can easily slot in. There is a small magnet which ensures the bit doesn't drop out.

    Drill Socket Adapter

    A drill adapter is an extremely powerful tool. It has been designed to be used alongside a power drill. These can enable sockets to be used in drills without hassle. A socket happens to be a form of wrench which has actually been designed to fit over bolts and nuts. One of the major roles of a drill socket adapter is loosening and tightening.

    In most cases, your adaptor is expected to be attached to the drill. After that, it will then get connected to the socket. With this, nuts can be loosened and tightened easily.

    How to use drill socket adapter?

    This isn't simple if you understand how to go about the entire process. The steps are:

    • Have the socket popped into your adaptor.
    • Chuck it into your drill driver.

    After that, start loosening and tightening the bolts and nuts.

    Remember that drill bit adapter has different sizes. For best results, it is better you are using the size that can help tighten or loosen bolts and nuts.

    Apart from the drill accessories mentioned above, we have other tools that can help ensure your project is a success. These are great for DFY projects since they will make your tasks easier. For instance, there is SDS adapter and angle drill attachment. The latter is useful when you are working in those tight spaces like construction and plumbing projects. For more details, contact us today.

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