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    Hydraulic Fluids & Filtration

    Hydraulic filtration components and fluids are used to protect your hydraulic system. They ensure your machinery runs efficiently, smoothly. Filtration is essential as it removes contaminants and particles from oils and other hydraulic fluids. Without oil filtration, hydraulic systems can become damaged. Maintaining a good hydraulic filtration system will increase the hydraulic component life span.

    RS offer an extensive range of hydraulics products from leading industry brands for maintenance, repair, or updating your current system.

    How do different Hydraulic filtration devices and fluids work?

    Hydraulic breather caps &amp hydraulic breather filters

    Hydraulic breather caps and filters work by controlling the release of air trapped in fluid systems and reservoirs. They also protect equipment against unwanted moisture ingress or particle contamination.

    Breather caps can have threaded or bayonet fittings, and sometimes come with added valves, dipsticks, or sealing discs.

    Hydraulic oil filters

    Hydraulic oil filters are used to clean and maintain the fluids circulating in a closed hydraulic system, removing unwanted particles from oil or water loops.

    • This increases the longevity of the system and ensures a more reliable performance over time.
    • Return filters sit downstream from all components and filter liquid before it returns to the tanks.
    • In-line hydraulic filters and hydraulic suction strainers are used more directly to protect a specific component.

    Hydraulic Suction Strainers and suction filters

    Hydraulic suction strainers are used to remove larger particles and unwanted contaminants from hydraulic oil. This is necessary for the protection of downstream equipment such as pumps.

    Hydraulic oils and fluids

    The main function of hydraulic oil is to transfer power within hydraulic machinery and equipment. It is also used for contaminant removal, sealing, lubrication and cooling. Hydraulic oil also known as hydraulic fluid can be synthetic or mineral-based. Hydraulic oil is available in a range of viscosities and ISO grades.

    Replacement Hydraulic Filter Elements

    Replacement hydraulic filter elements are used to support the safe and efficient working of hydraulic filters. They extend the life of machinery. Our range of replacement filter elements is available in the most common configurations including radial/axial flow, coarse/fine filtration, high/low pressure.

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