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    Notepads, also known as notebooks, are small books of bound paper used for writing, making notes or drawing. The pages are usually plain or ruled. Ruled pages are printed with horizontal lines as a guide for handwriting. Notepads sometimes have an outside cover to protect the pages. This cover is either made of stronger card, also known as a hardback, or paper, also known as paperback/softback.

    Notepads come in standard paper sizes such as: A4 A5 A6 A7. They feature various numbers of pages. Notepads are bound in a range of ways:

    ● Casebound notepads are hardback, with a card cover surrounding all sides including the bound edge.

    ● Headbound notepads are bound together at the top along the short edge.

    ● Wirebound, or spiral bound, notepads feature small holes along one edge. These holes are then looped with a wire. This type of notepad enables you to turn pages all of the way to the back of the pile.

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