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    Skf Laser Alignment Tools

    Laser alignment tools are extremely important for any industry. Shaft alignment is the process of making two coupled rotating shafts line up when measurements are taken on the horizontal and vertical planes.The misalignment of a shaft is one of the largest contributors to machinery downtime, increased maintenance, and costs. Shaft misalignment can lead to increased noise and vibrations, premature bearing and seal failure, as well as premature shaft and coupling failure.

    How do Laser Alignment Tools Work?

    For a machine to operate at its most efficient, perfect shaft alignment is of paramount importance. Laser alignment tools also called shaft alignment tools utilise laser technology, to ensure that the shaft measurements are taken at the rotational centres.

    What is the benefit of using a Laser Alignment Tool?

    Laser alignment tools offer both precision and speed. Many laser alignment tools use onboard software that calculate the shaft alignment, generate automatic reports, have wireless communications such as tablets and smartphones that improve the instrument handling and allow for the alignment of difficult to reach applications from a safe distance to the user.

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