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    IDC Tools

    IDC (Insulation Displacement Contact) termination tools, also known as IDC Tools, are used with IDC connectors to remove, crimp (join two or more metals together) or terminate (connect cables to other cables or devices) wires, network cables or electrical components that are connected to the ICD connector.

    Applications for IDC termination tools

    IDC connectors themselves are designed to be connected insulated cables by a process which forces a specially sharpened blade or blades through the insulation. This eliminated the need to strip the conductors of insulation before connecting, increasing the efficiency of your installation and reducing waste.

    You can use IDC termination tools to easily slot in or remove the wires and cables from IDC slots.

    What are the different types of IDC termination tools?

    Choose from different types of IDC termination tools including:

    • Ratchet – for inserting and removing cables from terminals.
    • Termination tool – for the termination of cables and jumpers with blocks. It has a wire hook that allows for the easy removal of wires from IDC connectors.
    • Punch down tool – allows you to punch down cables into an IDC terminal.
    • Crimp tool – for joining two pieces of metal, or wire, together.
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