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    D Sub Connectors

    D-sub or D-subminiature connectors are common types of electrical components typically used in computing to help form connections on a circuit board. Taking their name from the characteristically designed D shaped metal shield, d-sub connectors have various different connection types from Crimp D-sub to Spring Terminal D-sub's.

    Structure of D-Sub Connectors

    Each D-Sub connector features several key components that contribute to its functionality and reliability. Encased in a metallic shell, these connectors are engineered for durability and minimal electrical interference. This shell supports secure mechanical connections when mated with the appropriate socket. Inside, the connector houses pins or sockets that transmit signals, power, and perform grounding tasks, available in various configurations to suit specific requirements.

    • Shell: The durable outer cover of D-sub connectors, typically crafted from zinc-plated steel to provide robustness and interference shielding.
    • Insulator: Composed of non-conductive materials like thermoplastic or thermoset, this component acts as a barrier between the metallic shell and the internal connectors.
    • Pins/Sockets: These conductive parts enable data or power transmission. The specific configuration, such as 9-pin, 15-pin, or 25-pin, classifies the type of D-sub connector.
    • Grounding Indents: Manufactured into the shell, these indents ensure effective grounding upon mating the connector.

    Types of D-Sub Connectors

    • PCB D-Sub Connectors: Designed for mounting directly on printed circuit boards with built-in solder points.
    • Crimp D-Sub Connectors: Useful for attaching multiple wires to a single connector, accommodating large cables.
    • IDC D-Sub Connectors: Ideal for connecting to the conductors of insulated cables, commonly ribbon cables.
    • Leaded D-Sub Connectors: Come with pre-attached leads for immediate connection to circuit boards.
    • Screw Terminal D-Sub Connectors: Often used in electrical building wiring to connect switches to mains or major appliances.
    • Solder D-Sub Connectors: Require soldering for integration into circuits.
    • Spring Terminal D-Sub Connectors: Utilise a spring mechanism to clamp wires for a secure connection.
    • Wire Wrap D-Sub Connectors: Attach to printed circuit boards via wires wrapped around the connector’s posts.
    • D-Sub Connector Kits: Contain all necessary components like nuts, screws, and a protective hood for assembly and strain relief.

    Applications of D-Sub Connectors

    D-Sub connectors are versatile and robust, making them suitable for a variety of applications across different industries:

    Computer Systems: Historically crucial for connecting VGA monitors and facilitating data transfers via serial and parallel ports. Still used in legacy systems for their proven reliability.

    Industrial Machinery: Valued for their durability and performance in harsh conditions, ensuring reliable industrial connections.

    Telecommunications: Critical for data transmission and interfacing with networking hardware.

    Aerospace and Defense: Favoured for their high-pin density and reliability, widely used in critical aerospace and defence applications.

    Ordering and Delivery Information

    Ordering D-sub connectors from RS is straightforward and convenient. You can easily order online by exploring our extensive selection and adding items to your basket for next-day delivery or local branch pickup. You can also place your order by calling us at +65 6865 3400.

    We ensure next working day delivery for all online orders placed before 3:30 pm from Monday to Friday, provided the items are available in our Singapore stock. Deliveries are made between 8 am and 6 pm. RS Business Account holders enjoy free delivery on online orders over $28 (excluding GST), while a delivery fee of $8 is charged for orders under this amount. For Private and Non-Business Account holders, delivery is complimentary for orders over $250 (excluding GST), with a $30 handling fee for smaller orders.

    Visit our delivery information page to explore all our delivery options.

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