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    Heavy Duty Power Connector Inserts & Modules

    Heavy-duty power connector inserts and modules are the part of the connector designed to hold the connector contacts in place. Connector inserts and modules are made from a moulded piece of dielectric material that fits inside a connector hood or housing. RS offer a wide variety of inserts and modules from manufacturers including HARTING, Phoenix Contact, TE Connectivity, Amphenol, Epic Contact and of course RS PRO.

    Connector Inserts Connector inserts can be pre-terminated with plug (male) or socket (female) contacts. The inserts are available in crimp, solder, screw or cage clamp termination in various wire sizes. Alternatively, inserts can also be supplied as empty shells where male or female contacts must be ordered separately depending on the application.

    Connector Modules Connector modules are typically used when a mixture of power, data, signal and pneumatic inserts are required in one connector. The modules fit inside a modular frame and used to tailor-make an industrial connector for a specific application. The frames fit inside the protective hood or housing.

    Environment Heavy-duty power connector inserts and modules can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications and environments. When inserts and modules are used with their appropriate hoods and housings they make up complete heavy-duty connectors.

    Applications Heavy-duty power inserts and modules can be used in a wide range of high and low voltage applications in a variety of industrial applications. Due to the nature of the environment connectors often require environmental protection ratings including IP68 and IP69K. Some of the most common are:

    • Automation and control
    • Robotics
    • Industrial cable interfaces
    • Signal, power and pneumatics interfaces
    • Transportation and vehicles
    • Manufacturing and production
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