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    LVDS Connectors

    LVDS connectors are used for operating high-speed LVDS applications. Low-voltage differential signalling (LVDS) is an electrical standard that can run at very high speed using very low power over copper cables. Because of their low noise emission, you can use LVDS connectors for a range of digital applications, such as mobile phones and flat-panel TVs.

    What are LVDS connectors used for?

    Digital applications such as PCs and tablets require high-pace signal transmission and LVDS connectors enable the speed needed for this powerful performance. They're easy to use as they have one-touch insertion and cable lock-release features.

    Types of LVDS connectors

    LVDS connectors can have a pitch between 0.4mm and 1.25mm and the number of contacts can vary. The most commonly used LVDS connectors are the FI series which are compact and thin, ideal for liquid crystal display (LCD) applications. You can choose from different types of LVDS connectors, including plug housing that can hold one or multiple wires and receptacles. This type of housing is fitted with a ground plate to reinforce the ground function. They are compatible with a variety of cables, including thin coaxial cables.

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