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    Circular Connector Backshells

    Circular connector backshells are components that attach to the cable side of a circular connector, enhancing its robustness and ensuring integrity. These backshells are typically separated from the connector head itself and secure the cable to the connector via a clamp.

    Function of Circular Connector Backshells

    Circular connector backshells are essential components designed to enhance the durability and functionality of connector assemblies in various systems.

    Here are their primary functions:

    • Protection: They safeguard the connector by preventing the ingress of dirt, moisture, and liquids, thereby enhancing the overall reliability of the cable and the system.
    • Strain Relief: By securing the cable to the connector, backshells prevent excessive bending at the connection point, protecting the cable from damage and maintaining the integrity of the electrical connection.
    • Shielding: Backshells may also serve to shield wire connections from electrical interference, extending the cable's ground sheath directly into the connector to ensure signal integrity.

    Features of Circular Connector Backshells

    Circular connector backshells are designed with key features that ensure their effectiveness across a variety of applications:

    1. Multiple Configurations

    • Available in standard and low-profile designs.
    • Compatible with various shell sizes and plating finishes.
    • Offers numerous customisation options through standard modifications.

    2. Easy Installation

    • Tooling information is provided for applicable models.
    • Offers quick and simple assembly with multiple termination solutions.
    • Features two-part spin coupling or single part direct coupling options to meet customer needs.

    3. High-Reliability Solutions

    • Provides strain relief and cable support to prevent bending or overflexing.
    • Delivers individual or overall 360° EMI/RFI screening.
    • Suitable for use with accessories for enhanced sealing, or used alone depending on the type and application requirements.

    Types of Circular Connector Backshells

    Circular connector backshells are available in several types to accommodate various assembly and design requirements:

    Angled: Provides a directional change of the wiring that aids in cable management and space utilisation.

    Right Angled: Offers a 90-degree exit from the connector, optimising space and reducing stress on cables.

    Straight: Standard straight exit provides a direct and uniform cable path from the connector.

    Threaded Entry: Features a threaded design for secure and durable attachment to the connector.

    Top Entry: Allows cables to be inserted from directly above, suitable for tight vertical spaces.

    Materials Used for Connector Backshells

    Various materials are utilised in the construction of circular connector backshells, each selected for attributes that optimise performance and resilience.

    • Thermoplastic: Selected for its excellent electrical insulation properties and resistance to heat, making it ideal for safety-critical applications.
    • Nylon: Favoured for its strength, abrasion resistance, and flexibility, which are essential for dynamic environments where movement occurs.
    • Plastic: Often used due to its cost-effectiveness and adequate protection in less demanding conditions.
    • Metal (Aluminum, Stainless Steel): Provides superior durability and electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding, suitable for harsh and demanding industrial settings.
    • Composite Materials: Offer a lightweight alternative to metals with good environmental resistance and EMI shielding capabilities.

    Applications of Circular Connector Backshells

    • Shrink Boot Adapters: Utilised in industries where repairable and protective cable terminations are necessary, such as electronics manufacturing and repairs.
    • Non-Environmental Backshells: Ideal for setups requiring extra space for cable configurations, commonly used in server rooms and telecommunications equipment.
    • Environmental Backshells: Critical in harsh environments like manufacturing plants and outdoor installations, these backshells protect connectors from environmental contaminants.
    • EMI/RFI Non-Environmental Backshells: Employed in areas with high electromagnetic interference to protect signal integrity, crucial in data centres and broadcasting facilities.
    • EMI/RFI Environmental Backshells: Offer both EMI/RFI shielding and environmental protection, indispensable in aerospace and defence industries where maintaining signal integrity and durability is essential.

    Ordering and Delivery Information

    Ordering circular connector backshells from RS is efficient and user-friendly. Our online platform allows you to seamlessly browse our comprehensive range and add products to your basket for next-day delivery or pickup at a local RS branch. Alternatively, orders can be placed by phone at +65 6865 3400.

    For a detailed overview of all available delivery options, please visit our delivery information page.

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