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    Thin Ethernet Cable

    Thin Ethernet Cables are popularly used to connect devices in a local area network (LAN). Ethernet cabling is often combined with RJ type connectors for connecting personal computers, routers and switches. Thin bodied Ethernet cabling has an advantage over regular Ethernet cabling in that it is space saving, and able to be fed through smaller spaces.


    Many businesses utilise a local area network for a more secure and reliable internet setup than can be provided by wireless connectivity. In this case thin Ethernet cabling is often run through desk cable grommets, floor panels and wall-mounted cable channels in office and commercial environments.

    The RS Range of thin Ethernet cabling is available in reels of up to 500 m, enough to suit your installation needs.

    Fire Safety

    The RS range of thin Ethernet cables are available as LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) and LSF (Low Smoke and Fume) for extra fire safety in low ventilated areas.

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