DIN Cable Assemblies

DIN cable assemblies are electrical connectors comprised of several types of cables that plug into an interface to connect devices. Typically, a full-sized DIN connector has three to 14 pins with a diameter of 13.2 mm.

How do DIN cable assemblies work?

DIN cable assemblies are made up of a protective metal skirt that contains straight round pins. The skirt is placed specifically to allow the plug to be inserted in only one orientation to prevent damage to the pins. Then, the DIN connector is plugged into an interface to ensure a secure connection. An example of an interface used would be two different controllers, a mouse and computer and inbound/outbound audio devices.

Types of DIN cable assemblies

Five-pin DIN

The five-pin DIN connector has five pins arranged in a circular pattern. This type of connector was commonly used for older AT-style computer keyboards.

Six-pin DIN

The six-pin mini DIN is most commonly used to connect keyboards and mouses.

Eight-pin DIN

This type of DIN has eight pins arranged in three rows, and is typically used in portable video devices.

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