Multi Function Sensors

Multi-function sensors, sometimes referred to as smart sensors, are designed with particular behaviours to suit specialist applications. Often combing several functions, smart sensor devices are used in everything from environment control, health monitoring, and premises security. For example, as part of ensuring a business premises is kept as comfortable for personnel as possible, a smart sensor would be a vital part of the facilities systems by being able to measure air quality, temperature and humidity and alter heating and air conditioning as required. They can even measure ambient light levels and adjust smart lighting accordingly. Consequently, a good multi-function sensor can improve efficiency and save costs on energy bills.

Their uses aren't just limited to environmental control, though. Sleep tracking multi-function sensors can keep track of pulse, breathing and body movement to collect vital health information.

The RS Components range of multi-function sensors enables you to take control like never before.

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Description Price Device Type Communication Protocol Mounting Type Height Length Width Weight Termination Type Number of Contacts Operating Distance Supply Voltage Maximum Operating Temperature IP Rating Standards Met
RS Stock No. 202-2150
Mfr. Part No.10184000-01
1 Bag of 100
Sleep Monitor Sensor - Panel Mount - 800mm 8mm - - - - - - - -
RS Stock No. 202-2151
Mfr. Part No.10184000-01
Sleep Monitor Sensor - Panel Mount - 800mm 8mm - - - - - - - -