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    Industrial Computers

    What are Industrial Computers?

    Industrial Computers are rugged computer systems used for industrial applications as they can function in harsh environments such as high levels of shock, vibration, and extreme temperatures.

    Industrial Computers are a high-performance option that deliver a high level of computing capability through a combination of processor power and on board memory. Industrial Computers differ from consumer systems in several ways such as

    • High processing power from top brands such as Intel
    • Bigger hard drive sizes up to 4TB
    • Suitable for continuous operation in varying environments
    • More rugged build with a heavy metal construction

    Industrial Computing also have on board memory types such as GB DDR4 and come in different types, for example, Fanless PC's which use alternative cooling methods.

    Applications of Industrial Computers

    Industrial Computers are used in numerous applications and industries that require rugged computing power in a range of environments. Due to the rugged build and high-power internal components, Industrial Computers generally have a longer lifespan than commercial or enterprise computers. Examples of industries that use Industrial Computers include:

    • Telecommunications
    • Broadcast
    • Military
    • Industrial
    • Medical

    Industrial Computer Form Factors

    • Rackmount industrial PCs can be fixed to walls or mounted in cabinets.
    • Equipment-mounted computers can easier be mounted directly into the equipment.
    • Industrial panel PCs can be installed into a cut out of an enclosure.
    • Embedded industrial systems have a small footprint and are a perfect solution for tight spaces.

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