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    HMI Displays

    HMI means 'human-machine interface' and these interfaces are intended to streamline the use of industrial machinery by connecting a person to a machine, system or devices, such as PLCs, RTUs and IEDs. Their purpose is to provide insight into mechanical performance and progress. Integrated HMI solutions remove the need for physical wires, switches, dials and controls and replace them with software. This allows users more autonomy over monitoring and automation, allowing them to perform functions such as starting and stopping cycles, adjusting set points and other processes when interacting with a control process. HMI displays are available in a range of different screen sizes, resolutions and colours. They can be configured through HMI programming to support both landscape and portrait devices including widescreen, multitouch and smart panel designs depending on their intended end use. When choosing the right HMI device and components, certain parameters should be considered, including processor speed, memory, port and processor type.

    Keypad HMI Displays

    Keypad HMI displays offer different designs from a more simple function key style allowing the user to switch between functions to the mobile telephone keypad which allows intuitive and fast entry of numbers and words. Some of the keypads in this family of products also offer other language characters to be inputted through HMI programming and a variety of functions can be assigned to different keys.

    Touch screen HMI displays

    HMI Touch screen displays are panel-mounted devices with responsive touch screens for operator input. Through proper HMI programming, they display graphics and allow an easy selection of options, making them helpful in many industrial and commercial environments. The touch panels aid control and visualisation in a wide range of applications. They have high-resolution displays, dynamic memory, backlighting and built-in ethernet to support a variety of networks. Their commercial uses include kiosks, information points, hospitality and air-traffic control. Their clear displays provide precision control over certain variables that can also be customised.

    Why choose RS for Human Machine Interfaces

    With a reputation for quality and service, we guarantee to offer the most well-stocked, up-to-date and competitive products in our range. Every HMI touchscreen and component sold at RS is sourced from one of our trusted manufacturers, or manufactured by us directly. Even more, our wide selection of automation and control gears, such as PLCs and HMIs, are available for next-day delivery, ensuring all customers are provided with a great experience.

    If you are on the search for companies that supply Human Machine Interfaces and other key components like HMI accessories, look no further than RS as your trusted distributor.

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