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    Transit Cases

    Transit cases are meticulously designed to provide maximum protection for a variety of equipment during transportation and storage. With or without custom internal foam inserts to cushion and secure your valuables, these cases are crafted from robust materials such as heavy-duty plastic and metal. Our extensive range includes options for every requirement, from lightweight cases for less intensive use to reinforced waterproof cases designed for challenging environments. Whether you need a freight case for shipping, a travel case for equipment, or a storage case with wheels for ease of mobility, our protective storage cases are ideal for securing items such as musical instruments, technical tool kits, sophisticated camera gear, and sensitive electronic equipment. Tailored to withstand impacts, moisture, dust, and chemical exposure, these transit cases ensure that your assets are safeguarded in the toughest conditions, making them indispensable for professionals on the move.

    Discover the perfect fit for your requirements in our comprehensive guide to flight cases, and ensure your valuable items are protected under any conditions.

    Types of Transit Cases

    Protective transit storage cases are crafted to meet a broad spectrum of requirements, ensuring the safety and integrity of your valuable equipment under various conditions. Here are the types available, each serving distinct purposes:

    • Moulded Plastic (Waterproof): These cases are indispensable in environments where protection against moisture and dust is critical. Constructed from durable materials, these waterproof and dustproof cases provide airtight security, ensuring that the contents remain pristine and uncontaminated even in adverse conditions.
    • Aluminium: Known for their robustness and lightweight properties, aluminium cases offer exceptional protection without the burden of added weight. These transit cases are resistant to corrosion and provide excellent security, making them ideal for transporting delicate electronics and high-value items.
    • Custom or Flight Cases: Customised to fit specific dimensions and needs, flight cases are perfect for transporting uniquely shaped or exceptionally fragile equipment. These cases are often reinforced with additional protective features like shock-absorbing foam interiors and reinforced corners for added security during transit.
    • Rack Mount Units: Specifically designed to accommodate electronic equipment, these units are crucial in settings like mobile broadcasting, live music performances, and server applications. Rack mount units provide structured organisation while protecting sensitive equipment from vibrations and impacts.
    • Anti-static: Anti-static cases are critical for the safe transport and storage of electronic components that are sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD). These cases typically incorporate materials that dissipate static electricity, thereby protecting the electronic integrity of components such as circuit boards and computer chips.
    • Lightweight Plastic: Lightweight plastic cases offer a balance of protection and portability for less intensive applications. They are easier to handle and transport, making them suitable for trade shows, sample displays, and light industrial equipment.
    • Correx® (Corrugated Plastic): Correx® cases provide a more durable alternative to corrugated cardboard. They are lightweight yet sturdy enough to protect contents from knocks and scrapes, making them suitable for repeated use in less demanding environments.
    • Corrugated Cardboard: Ideal for lighter, less sensitive items, corrugated cardboard cases are an economical and recyclable option. They can be custom-shaped to fit a variety of items and are best suited for short-term use or single shipments where high durability is not the primary concern.

    Key Features of Transit Cases

    Selecting the appropriate transit case is crucial for ensuring optimal protection tailored to the specific needs of stored or transported items. The essential features to consider include:

    • Protection from Shock and Impact: Transit cases designed to withstand shock and impact are equipped with resilient outer materials and often reinforced with cushioned interiors, such as foam linings. These design elements are crucial in absorbing shocks and minimising damage from drops, bumps, or rough handling during transit, making them ideal for delicate or precision equipment.
    • Protection from Water or Dust Ingress: Waterproof and dustproof features are integral for cases intended to operate in outdoor or variable environments. These cases typically feature seals and gaskets that prevent water and fine particulates from entering, ensuring that the contents remain uncontaminated and operational, regardless of external conditions.
    • Durable and Tough Cases: Heavy-duty transport cases are constructed using robust materials like hardened plastic, metal, or reinforced composites that endure rigorous use and harsh conditions. Their build quality guarantees longevity and reliability, providing peace of mind when transporting valuable or critical equipment.
    • Lightweight Protective Storage Cases: Despite their sturdy construction, these cases are designed to be lightweight, utilising materials such as high-impact plastic or lightweight metals. This feature is especially beneficial for personnel who frequently move equipment, as it reduces strain and increases mobility without compromising the safety of the contents.

    Each of these features plays a pivotal role in the functionality and suitability of transit cases for various applications, from simple storage solutions to complex, high-risk transportation needs.

    Common Applications of Transit Cases

    Transit cases are indispensable in industries where equipment needs to be transported safely and securely. Commonly used for musical instruments, test and measurement devices, security systems, and photography and videography gear, these cases also find extensive use in event and exhibition settings. That being said, wheeled options enhance mobility, perfect for moving heavy or bulky items effortlessly across various venues.

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