Insulation Materials

Insulation materials are sold in many different forms - from insulating sheets, padding and films, to tapes, rods and ropes. The best insulation material to buy online will depend on what it is you want to block or confine.

What type of insulation materials do I need?

Thermal insulation is designed to minimise heat loss or transfer between equipment, devices, rooms, buildings and spaces.
  • Thermal insulating bulk fibres are ideal for general roof or cavity wall infill, furnace/kiln lining, or high temperature repairs.
  • Thermal insulating sheets are often used in homes, ovens, automotive work, and various industrial settings. Fibreglass, mineral wool, cement board, PU foam, silica and polystyrene sheets are easily cut to shape.
  • Thermal insulating films are for retaining heat around devices like and sensors, or for making etch foil heater mats.
  • Thermal insulating rods and bars offer high thermal shock resistance in high temperature or heat transfer applications.
  • Thermal insulating tape and rope is used for jobs such as insulating pipes, high temperature flue sealing, and various caulking applications.
Electrical and chemical insulating films offer robust electrical insulation at high temperatures, and can be easily cut or punched for wiring and circuitry.
  • Materials include Mylar, mica, PEEK or polypropylene - perfect for industrial or electronic jobs such as coil/phase separation, slot lining, automotive repair and medical equipment.
Soundproofing materials (also decibel reduction, sound insulation or acoustic insulation materials) are used on floors, walls, ceilings, machinery, vehicles, studios and public spaces to limit noise leakage.
  • Self-Adhesive Foam Sheets are easy-cut foam panels with adhesive backs for fuss-free mounting.
  • Acoustic Insulation sheets tend to be thin, low density foam panels, ideal for wall cavities and door trim.
  • Flame retardant foam insulation is used for noise damping where excess heat is a concern, such as machine panelling and HVAC systems.
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