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    Smart city and connection lines. Internet concept of global business in  Seoul, South Korea

    Infineon making life easier, safer and greener

    Leading ranges of power management products, sensors, microcontrollers and connectivity devices ideal for the latest technological trends.

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    Latest high performance MOSFETs

    • CoolMOS™ – Optimum  performance MOSFET for cost  sensitive applications

    • StrongIRFET™ – High current with  low RDS (on) applications

    • DirectFET™ – DC-DC applications  requiring high power density

    • HexFET™ – General purpose  medium/low power applications.

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    XMC™ microcontrollers

    • Low cost 32-Bit power

    • ARM® Cortex®-M cores

    • High temperature robustness

    • Target applications include: power  conversion, factory and building  automation, transportation and  home appliance.

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