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CTC 101 Genuino STEAM Education Toolbox
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CTC 101 Genuino Education Toolbox for the Classroom

Genuino CTC101 is an ideal Education Toolbox for the Classroom. Suitable for teachers or instructors to teach school students aged from 13 to 17 and require no prior experience with electronics or programming. Creative Technologies in the Classroom 101 or CTC 101 is Arduino's one-of-a-kind STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) program for upper secondary education. Students are introduced to the foundation of programming, electronics and mechanics through a hands on approach. The CTC101 Toolbox comes with video tutorials, step by step instructions for an easy to assemble experiments that give an innovative learning experience.
It includes more than 700 components and parts:
•Six Genuino 101 Boards - a microcontroller with programmable inputs and outputs
•Six Education Shields - a unit that is placed on top of an Genuino board to make connecting to electronic components easier
•Set of Sensors and actuators - includes light sensors, button inputs, knock sensors, potentiometers, touch/capacitive sensors, tilt sensors, infrared array, a joystick, LEDs, buzzers, a speaker and servo motors
•Component Modules - quick-connect modules that include the necessary components
•Connectors and various components - other items needed complete electronics assembly
•26 experiments divided into 5 themed blocks

Teacher benefits:

●Learn how to get started with programming and physical computing
●Adapt their lesson plans with more engaging and creative techniques
●Take a hands-on approach to achieving defined learning objectives

Student benefits:

●Get started with programming
●Build fully functional, interactive projects
●Explore robotics
●Learn about connectivity and wireless communication via Bluetooth
●Enhance problem-solving and teamwork skills

Genuino AVR Development Boards

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    RS Stock No. 127-1382
    Name CTC 101 Genuino STEAM Education Toolbox
    Manufacturer/Brand Name Genuino
    Mfr. Part No. GKX00002
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