Molex Ultra-Fit™ Connectors

The new Molex Ultra-Fit system provides compact wire-to-board connection for power applications.

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About Molex Ultra-Fit Connectors

Offering current rating of up to 14 Amps per circuit, the 3.5mm pitch of Ultra-Fit means that is it up to 17% smaller than competing power connectors. Ultra-low mating force reduces operator fatigue when mating high-circuit connectors, while mechanical keyed housings help to prevent accidental mis-mating.

The Molex Ultra-Fit connector series is available now from RS Components. Find out how this new connector can help optimise your space without compromising on power.

Molex Ultra-Fit Single Row Connectors

Offering a slim design from 2 to 6 circuits, these connectors provide long-life and high performance in a small package size.

Molex Ultra-Fit Dual Row Connectors

The dual-row version of the Ultra-Fit connector provides an excellent combination of packaging density and circuit count, and is available from 4 to 10 poles.

Molex Ultra-Fit Crimp Terminals

Available for multiple wire gauges and in a selection of finishes, these terminals feature multiple points of contact for long-term performance and reliability

Molex Ultra-Fit Hand Crimping Tools

These dedicated Ultra-Fit hand crimp tools have a full cycle ratchet mechanism to ensure a consistent crimp. The handles have an ergonomic design for increased operator comfort.
  Hand crimping tool, 16-18 AWG Hand crimping tool, 20-22 AWG
RS Stock Number: 895-1940 895-1943
Description: This crimp tool is suitable for crimp terminals 895-1791 and 895-1795 This crimp tool is suitable for crimp terminals 895-1805 and 895-1808
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The Fit-Family from Molex

The Ultra-Fit connector series is the latest member of the Fit-Family of connectors from leading manufacturer Molex. The Fit-Family includes a number of connector series designed to provide wire-to-board and wire-to-wire solutions where high current rating is required. From the Mega-Fit, capable of up to 23 Amps per circuit, down to the Micro-Fit 3.0 with its small size, the Fit-Family offers a range of innovative features to maximise current capacity, reliability and space saving.

Take a look at our DesignSpark article to learn more about the Fit Family from Molex, and see how it can help you with your next design.