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Latest products for Electronics Manufacturing

We are constantly expanding our products offer with the latest introductions from the leading industrial brands. The selection below are highlights we have added for our customers which are working in the Electronics Manufacturing industry.

Electronic Components

An up to date range of electronic components from leading brands is essential for companies which manufacturer electronics equipment. This combined with a correct product packaging, reliable delivery, competitive and flexible pricing and easy ordering options makes RS the perfect partner for this industry. The below is just some selected technologies from the overall components offer we have available for our customers.

Selected Technologies

Quality Inspection & Rework

Even though a lot of the quality inspection is automised, there is still some that has to be done manually. Regular spot checks are done on the manufactured device during and after the production, whether it is for visual checks or electrical testing RS offers a wide range of products, not just for identifying the failures but also to fix them. This helps to ensure highest quality and efficiency

Selected Technologies

Explore the capabilities of the WXR 3 rework station from Weller

Peter Oakes one of our technical bloggers has reviewed the WXR-3 rework station from Weller for us. By using a wrongly manufactured PCB he demonstrates impressively the capabilities of the WXDV-120 desoldering iron, as well as the WXP-65 soldering iron which are both in the WXR-3032 bundle.

As you will notice Peter became a fan of the product very quickly. For all of you who would want to know more about the features of the WXR-3032, please visit his YouTube channel. He has done some more great reviews around this product, which should easily convince you to upgrade your electronics workbench with this great device.

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Maintenance of the Production Line

Like every other machine an electronics production line has to be maintained, reconfigured or in the worst case repaired. To get this job done the maintenance engineers need to have a reliable distributor to get the parts they need on time. Parts and components like bearings, switches, sensors, relays and contactors need to be checked and exchanged on a regular basis, to ensure a reliable production process. With the huge range of industrial products from leading brands paired with our services, RS can help you to make your maintenance job more efficient.

Selected Technologies

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