eTech issue 5, now available exclusively on the Apple iPad.

eTech from RS Components, now available for the iPad.

RS launches eTech for iPad, the first true iPad magazine app created for electronics design engineers. Available to download for FREE, eTech for iPad includes enhanced content including video, animation and slideshows, providing a truly interactive experience.

To download go direct to the App Store by clicking the link below.

New - eTech for iPad, preview it now!

Click the video to see how eTech for iPad works

How To Download The eTech App and Magazine Issues

1. Enter the Apple app store

2. Search for Etech

3. Tap on the app to view a description and screenschots.

4. Tap the 'Free' button to install, enter your iTunes account details if prompted.

5. Once the app is installed you should find it on your home screen.

6. The app searches for all available issues, tap your chosen issue to begin downloading.

7. Start to interact!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where do I download the app from?
    The app is available from the Apple app store.
  2. Does it work on the iPhone?
    The app has been specifically designed for the iPad.
  3. How often is it updated?
    eTech is a quarterly magazine published by RS Components.
  4. How do I download later issues?
    Subscribers will receive a notification to download each issue published.
  5. Is it free?
  6. What languages is the eTech for iPad magazine available in?
    iPad for eTech is available in english only. Other languages are available at