igus Robolink D

Lightweight and modular design.
Lubrication-free worm gears with iglidur® PRT.
Four degrees of freedom and up to 4 kg payload.

Robolink D, the concept

Build the bench robot you need with igus and RS

Robolink D redefined the concept of bench robots. The modular structure allows customers to create their own robotic arm based on what they really need. Robolink D can be easily design by according to the requested number of axes and degrees of freedom.

The design flexibility provided by Robolink D delivers to the customers a cost effective robotic arm, exactly with the needed features and specifically optimised for the final task.

Furthermore, thanks to the available different sizes of the joints, Robolink D can be easily and quickly redefined from a task to another, saving even more costs.

In line with its concept of self customisation, Robolink D comes without any logic controller, ready to be fully integrated in the already existing systems, saving integration time and reducing complexity.

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Robolink D, the core

Precision and long life without lubrication

The Robolink D finds its core with the articulated joints based on iglidur PRT and dry-tech®, which grants lubrication-free and precise movements.

The joint system is based on:

  • worm gear
  • plastic housing
  • stepper motors
  • embedded encoder

Worm gear reduction ratio and embedded encoder ensure high precision and task repeatability, making Robolink D perfect for repetitive tasks and collaborative work with people increasing productivity.

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What is inside the Robolink D joints?

Robolink D, the kit

DIY the robot you need

Robolink D is available with two different kit according to the joint size, 30 or 50 (sizes are referred to the internal diameter of the articulated joint).

Regardless the dimensions of the joints both kit include:

  • 4 articulated joints
  • 3 joint connecting arms
  • 1 robot base
  • 1 electrical kit for wiring and connection.

The complete list of single parts for each of the kit is also available as spare parts or for further redesigning of the robotic arm.

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