Power Tool Batteries

A Power tool battery is a portable battery used to supply cordless power to your power tools. The portable batteries are built for their designated device and come in varying voltage ratings, battery capacity and more. The cordless nature of the portable device, such as a power drill, will allow greater flexibility in the jobs you can carry out as it means you won’t be fixed to one position.
Many different batteries also hold several hours of charge, therefore, you don’t need to worry about them running out of charge on the job. Some of the types of varying battery type include Li-ion, NiCd or NiMH.

  • Li-ion batteries are small and light which makes them portable. They have a high energy density meaning they can deliver more to power hungry devices. Li-ion batteries have a lower self-discharge, greatly increasing their shelf life. They also charge quickly.
  • NiCd batteries are usually cylindrical in nature, but other options do exist. They usually have a low selling price, because the battery does not need special conditions when shipped. They are fast to charge and can take a high number of charges, increasing the longevity.
  • NiMH batteries have a typical 30-40% capacity over NiCd. Exercise cycles are also required by the user less often. The NiMH also are more environmentally friendly than the alternative, and it is generally profitable to recycle them.

You may need a power tool battery for the many power tools that you use day to day, like power drills. The batteries required for such devices will help you navigate your day to day with more ease and efficiency.

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Description Price Battery Type Voltage Rating Battery Capacity For Use With Battery Charge Time
RS Stock No. 269-1579
Mfr. Part No.1222
NiCd 12V 2Ah 6270D Cordless Driver Drill -
RS Stock No. 458-1828
Mfr. Part No.193102-0
NiMH 18V 2.6Ah Makita Power Tools -
RS Stock No. 459-6145
Mfr. Part No.RAM2
NiMH 9.6V 1.3 Ah, 2.0 Ah Klauke Pressing Tools 40min
RS Stock No. 458-1834
Mfr. Part No.192827-3
NiCd 18V 2Ah Makita 18 V Power Tools -
RS Stock No. 390-6642
Mfr. Part No.193100-4
NiMH 12V 2.6Ah Makita Power Tools -
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